1. How can earn money?
  • Referral points = 10
  • Share Video = 3
  • View Video = 1
  • Upload Video = 3
  • Download Video = 2
  • These points can be changed at any time as per requirements.

 Please Note:-

  • We have right to block any user who do spamming or violate the rules.
  • All payment history and posts will be deleted if your profile is not active more than a month. The posts will not be deleted if have good quality and views.
  • We have right not to send payment if the user does any hacking type things or block Ads via third party software. We don’t pay to blank profiles, which only target for money & not to enjoy the app.
  • We made this app to enjoy with earning not to steal/break anything. If you have any question, please contact us via the Help section or email [email protected]

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